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Saturday, December 10 ·
This is my own experience. I've been told this tips to my other friends and most of them pass the job interview easily. When asked for job interview, it look like you only one step again to gain the job you want. But most people have failed in this step. Mostly, they come to the interview with a little preparation, it because they don't know what the interviewer will ask to them. 

As a job seeker (recently), someone told me about how to pass the job interview and his suggestion is working 100% because recently I know that he is an interviewer in one of the biggest company in my country. To pass job interview, you only need to answer honestly. Don't answer with the hype word as it will decrease assessment of the interviewer to you. Here are some tips for you.

If the interviewer ask about your skill, answer it honestly. Try to answer the question that have relevance with the company needs to make sure the interviewer is interviewing the right person for his company.

A few days before, learn about the company profiles. The interviewer will ask about this, and you should know about the company profile.

That are the most important part, the rest of it will be the question about your skill. I know you are already know about your capability when asked about your skill.

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